SDPS is one of the earliest establishments of a professional women's college in the heart of India. The college aims at providing first-rate higher educational opportunities for women. They approached us to assist them in rejuvenating the identity of the institution by designing a public brochure for them. We fashioned it by making it peppy, lively, and relevant to the market.

The public brochure of SDPS College was designed with an aim to articulate the vision, mission, and the achievements of the institution.

We placed a fashionable-girl illustration on the cover of the brochure that signifies the glory of every student to be raised in an excellent professional fashion and of course, at the pinnacle of their respective careers.

The vibrant fonts and colors were chosen to bring out the vitality of the carefree college life among the audience.

Project Name Brochure Design

Our client's specially demanded to showcase the college photographs as presentable as possible. We formulated a tile collage pattern to display the photographs to the best of our abilities. The output delivered was hence, a picturesque visualization.