The Sultan's is a Moroccan-themed restaurant set on the outskirts of the city; specialized in serving you with exquisite Awadhi Cuisine.

From the architecture to the ambiance, the restaurant casts a royal feel. Every single element used for the interior of the restaurant is finely selected considering Moroccan art in mind. 'The Sultan's' restaurant is considered a godsend gift to the city.

We fashioned three different concepts for the logo. The first is a lion, which signifies the demeanor and prestige of the name. The second signifies the royalty of the Sultans and their dignified lifestyle. The third belongs to the lettermark category, which bears the initials in the Moroccan style.

Inspired from Architectural Drawing of The Sultan’s Restaurant

Project Name Brand Identity

"The Sultan's" TS typemark boldly reflects the Moroccan side of the brand and sets it apart from other restaurant brands with monotonous sans serif typemarks.

On the other hand, the simple logotype is supported by an audacious visual language of illustration that strictly uses line strokes as a key visual element.